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“An unforgettable experience is one you’ve never had before.”

La Maison

At our Maison, established in 1898, sixth generation winemakers oversee production of each bottle of Luc Belaire, ensuring that the perfect balance is realized in each bottling, and creating the elegant, refreshing blend characteristic of our house.

Each expression in our range exemplifies the best of French wine tradition: our Rare Rosé, from the heart of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, is native to the most famous rosé winemaking region in the world. Our Luxe and Brut Gold cuvées, pressed from 100% French Chardonnay, are made in Burgundy, one of the world’s most celebrated and historic wine terroirs.

The Belaire range combines grapes of rare quality with the craftsmanship that can only be found at a family-operated winery like ours, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience in every bottle.

Rick Ross

The Movement

Luc Belaire is a family owned, independent brand in a world of corporate giants. We believe that Self-Made Tastes Better, and support those who choose to stand out, innovate, and challenge the status quo.

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Weltweiter Versand

Deutschlandweit versandkostenfrei, außerhalb Deutschlands 25€.

Ausgezeichnete Qualität

In sechster Winzergeneration
seit 1898.

Sichere Zahlung

Alle Zahlungsmittel werden auf höchsten Standarts gesichert.


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